Officials (Independent Contractors)

The Metro Atlanta Youth Football League, Inc. (MAYFL) seeks to engage qualified persons to provide officiating services for MAYFL’s football program. It is MAYFL’s intent to contract with individual independent contractors for providing officiating services as outlined herein.

If you possess the skills listed below as a referee, you are then encouraged to complete the attached application and submit your offer to MAYFL by June 15th, 2018 by the close of business at 5:00 PM Daylight Savings Time.

Any offer of services including all required documents will be returned to Ms. Teneisha Wilson, Treasurer at

MAYFL reserves the right to reject any all offers made in response to the request for services outline herein.

As a MAYFL referee, you must be:

  • A strong communicator: Referees need to make themselves clear quickly and to have their communications accepted by all parties.
  • Decisive in judgment and decision: There are many ways to show this, but strong decision-making skills are central to officialdom in every sport.
  • Detail-oriented: Officials need to have fast eyes during the game to make calls, and they are also responsible for inspecting players, equipment, and even the field itself.
  • Able to manage conflict: The best officials know how to keep tempers on the field from escalating and when to remove players and coaches who are not keeping themselves in check.

Questions regarding MAYFL’s officiating requirements may be directed to any of the persons listed below:

Commissioner D’Avante’ Parks
Vice Commissioner Anthony Clark
Football Commissioner DeAndre Brown

 requires all officials providing officiating services to complete and submit the attached IRS form W9 and direct deposit authorization form.

No officer, member of MAYFL’s Board of Directors, league member officers, coaches, or team manager [hereinafter “Person(s)”] shall have a financial interest in the officiating services where such officer or employee exercises directly or indirectly any decision-making authority concerning such provisioning or any supervisory authority over the services to be rendered. This rule also applies to subcontracts with MAYFL.

Soliciting or accepting any gift, gratuity favor, entertainment, kickback or any items of monetary value from any person who has or is seeking to do business with MAYFL is prohibited.

You are expected to sign the MAYFL standard Agreement without revision prior to commencing Services (see sample attached to this letter).


  1. Officials Training Expectations
  • Officials training will consist of scrimmages between teams to give Officials on field experience.
  • Officials training sessions will take place at the start of each season, as determined by MAYFL.
  • At the option of MAYFLMAYFL will be permitted to discuss league rules at Officials training sessions.
  • Officials will have written evaluations completed at the request of MAYFL. Officials must receive a score of at least 80% on the evaluation to be considered passing.
  • Evaluation documents shall be created by MAYFL.

Payment for Officiating Services

Payments from MAYFL to the Official shall be made weekly on each Wednesday following the Saturday in which a football game was officiated and based on the number of games assigned, officiated, and confirmed by MAYFL.

  • Pay rates for Officials shall be as follows:  $35 per game, 5U and 6U; and $40 per game for all other age groups.

Officials Conduct

MAYFL may require that specific Officials not be allowed to officiate MAYFL games in the following situations:

  • Officials using inappropriate conduct (as determined by MAYFL) with players, coaches, staff, or spectators.
  • Officials using lewd or foul language (as determined by MAYFL).
  • Officials with criminal histories such as, but not limited to, sexual assault, assault, or domestic violence.
  • Other acts not specifically defined in this section, as determined by MAYFL.

Officials Uniforms

Officials will be expected to adhere to the following uniform requirements:

  • Uniforms shall not include MAYFL logo.
  • Football: Officials striped shirt, black pants, whistle, and black shoes.
  • Head referee must wear white colored cap so as to designate him/her as the official in charge.

Officials Scheduling

  • MAYFL will provide schedules for games no less than one week before the start of the season.
  • Rescheduled games with more than one-week notice will not be subject to an additional assigning fee.
  • Any games scheduled within one week of requested game date will result in an additional $5.00 per game assigning fee.
  • Schedule changes due to force majeure will be rescheduled without an additional assigning fee.
  • The estimated annual games MAYFL is requesting to be officiated is approximately 704.Each game will be scheduled with a set number of Officials as defined below:


No. of Officials





















Playoff Estimate including championship games



Required forms

  1. Referee Information Form
  2. Work for Hire Agreement
  3. Direct Deposit Authorization 
  4. W-9