Cheerleading has a face…

The MAYFL Cheerleading Program provides a wholesome and faith based environment for children of the metropolitan Atlanta area to enjoy the sport of cheerleading. Our program strives to promote physical, mental, social and educational outlets for our children. MAYFL also promotes the ideals of good citizenship as well as good sportsmanship through sports activities for the benefit of the communities we represent.

Our mission is to develop and maintain a comprehensive cheerleading program which meets the needs and interests of the children and parents of Metropolitan Atlanta Communities.

Our goal is to maintain a highly competitive program that seeks the highest character development of all participants. MAYFL Cheer Program is structured to provide cheerleaders with the opportunity to achieve high levels of self-esteem, self discipline and emphasizes the respect and individual dignity that each participant is afforded.

The purpose of our program is to uphold the principles of MAYFL’s Constitution and By-Laws, MAYFL Cheerleading Program Rules, Rules of the National Federation of High School Sports and the policies of the Parks and Recreation Departments throughout Metropolitan Atlanta and surrounding counties in the promotion of youth athletics.

Our objectives are to provide a wholesome competitiveness within the scope of our rules and regulations combined with a lot of fun. To recognize and reward Organizations, Coaches, Parents and Cheerleaders who exemplify the highest degree of Integrity, Honor and Servant Leadership. We also recognize and reward academic achievement for our cheerleaders who maintain A’s, B’s and good conduct during the season.

MAYFL Cheer focuses on decreasing childhood obesity and risky adolescent behavior through physical activity.

For more information contact our Cheer Commissioner:

Cheer Commissioner  Keisha Mosley